Picovico 2.0

Picovico 2.0, the new version of Picovico, has been re-engineered and re-systematized from the core. The latter version is improved towards providing better user experience and stability.

API Documentation

  • Platform Version
  • Authentication
    Basic Auth
  • API Version
    2.1.0 - REST API
  • Root URL
  • Update
    v2.0 is deprecated


Each request is authorized based upon the X-Access-Token and X-Access-Key supplied as headers. Proceed to Login Flow for more details.

Request node

All requests must be made over to http://uapi-f1.picovico.com/v2.1/, so for the sake of legibility, this portion of the URL will be assumed and omitted in the remaining code samples in this documentation.


API response is always a valid JSON response.