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Picovico API allows you to create videos from set of photos, text and music. It communicates over REST API and uses HTTP methods, making it easy to write application on top of it. API provide you with the list of available styles and allows you to make video requests.

Here are the steps to GET Started.

  1. Get an access token. To get access token, drop an email to : developer@picovico.com
  2. Check API documentation
  3. You may use our existing SDK for development. Currently SDK is available for Python and PHP.

API Terms of Use

Before you start using Picovico API. Please check following terms of use.

  1. Picovico users own their right over photos/music. We believe you respect that right.
  2. You cannot use the Picovico name in your application.
  3. You cannot replicate the core user experience of Picovico.com
  4. Do not abuse the API. Too many requests too quickly will force us to turn off your access.